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3,500 high-definition creative commons photographs presented here are from the Thailand collections, on the linked pages you will find many photographs, also wherever possible I have added in relevant historical information, videos, maps and diagrams.

Interactive Map for the Photographs in Thailand
Thailand Map


National Museum (149)
A large collection covering all periods of Thai culture and art

Royal Temples in Bangkok

Buddhaisawan Chapel, National Museum, Bangkok (41) (Rama I)
Phra Buddha Sihing and Life of the Buddha Murals

Wat Phra Kaew (185) (Rama I)
Temples and Mural Paintings of the Ramakien

Wat Pho (Rama I)

3 Albums from one of Thailand's most Famous Temples

Buildings, Statues and Drawings (136)

Murals of the Great Disciples (234)

Ramakien Reliefs (166)

Wat Suthat (60) (Rama I)
Two sets of Murals

Wat Saket (44) (Rama I)
Golden Mountain and Murals

Wat Yannava (64) (Rama I)
Diverse Relics at Wat Yannava in Bangkok

Wat Rakhang (36) (Rama I)
Bells, Murals and Abandoned Buddhas

Wat Arun (124) (Rama II)
Khmer-Style Prangs and Jataka Murals

Wat Rachatiwat (36) (Rama II)
Unusual Statues and Relics

Wat Thepthidaram (92) (Rama III)
Bhikkhuni Statues and Hall

Wat Ratchanaddaram (20) (Rama III)
Brazen Palace with 37 Iron Spires

Wat Bowonniwet (24) (Rama III)
Chedi, Statues and Footprints

Wat Ratchabophit (36) (Rama V)
Golden Chedi and Royal Cemetery



Ruined Temples of Ayutthaya (76)
Wat Phra Si Sanphet, Wat Mahathat, Wat Ratcha Burana, Wat Yai Chaimongkhon and others

Wat Phananchoeng (229)
famous Buddha statue and some very fine reliefs illustrating the Ramakien

Wat Kasattrathirat (120)
fine architecture with murals illustrating
the Life of the Buddha, Jatakas and others

Wat Na Phraname (20)
temple not destroyed in the sacking,
with two famous Buddha statues

Wihan Phra Mongkhon Bophit (20)
famous Buddha Statue with
some gold-leaf covered statues

Wat Nivet Thamprawat (16)
temple built in the style
of an European cathedral



(North-West Thailand)

If you would like to learn more about Lanna and Chiang Mai please read the following:

Short History of Lanna

The Founding of Chiang Mai
(they open in a lytebox, without leaving the page)

Temples in the Old City

Wat Chiang Man (48)
old temple with some fine glasswork and murals

Wat Phra Singh (52)
beautiful Scripture Hall and fine 19th century murals

Wat Chedi Luang (36)
a temple with the largest religious building in the city

Wat Chang Tæm (24)
the home of the revered Buddha Statue Phra Fon Sæn Ha

Four Unusual Temples in the Old City (36)
a water-Ubosot
a central Thai-style Viharn
a square Chedi
a converted Palace

Wiang Kum Kam and Lamphun

Wiang Kum Kam (24)
a group of ancient archeological sites and Temples

Wat Phra That Haripunchai (30)
major temple in ancient Mon site

Wat Phra Putthabat Tak Pha (24)
Buddha's footprint and hilltop Chedi

Temples in Chiang Mai Area

Wat Sri Suphan (132)
Beautiful Silverwork and Murals in 500-year old Temple

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep (48)
one of the major pilgrimage centres in Thailand

Wat Suan Dok (24)
large preaching hall and royal burial ground

Wat Umong Putthatham (24)
statues in natural surroundings and copies of classics

Wat Chet Yod (14)
ancient buildings including King Tilokarat's Chedi

Wat Bupparam (40)
good wood carving and delightful modern murals

Wat Buak Krok Luang (24)
19th century mural paintings showing Burmese influence

Wat Ku Tao (20)
mythological creatures on a modern Viharn

Wat Lok Molee (16)
wooden relief carvings

Wat Rong Wua Daeng (24)
Viharn Gables and Five Buddhas


Life of King Mangrai in Ubosot at Fang

Ubosot at Wat Chedi Ngam (19)
The Reliefs and Designs on the Sīma

Life of King Mangrai (136)
Murals retelling the Story of Chiang Mai's Founder


Modern Structures in the Chiang Rai Area

Black House (30)
Famous Archectural work by Thai National Artist Thawan Duchanee

Wat Tha Ton (24)
Architecture and Statues in this temple on the Myanmar Border

White Temple (32)
Famous Temple built by the modern Thai artist Chalermchai Kositpipat


Songkhla Province

Theravāda Temples and Collections

Treasure of the Three Kingdoms, Theravāda Collection (95)
Large Collection of Buddhist Artifacts

Chedi Traiphop Traimongkhon Temple (64)
Stainless Steel Chedi on Hilltop

Chedi Traiphop Traimongkhon Murals (64)
Birth Stories, Life of the Buddha, Blessings of Success

Wat Hatyai Nai (42)
Large Reclining Buddha in Open Air Shrine

Wat Khlong Ple (80)
Meru-type Sīma, Life of the Buddha Carvings, and Hall of Disciples

Wat Khlong Hae (52)
A Shwedagon copy in a Burmese and Mon temple, and a Thai temple

Wat Khok Saman Khun (44)
Three Towers building with Khmer-style Prangs and Statues of Famous Monastics

Wat Phranon Laem Pho, Songkhla (20)
Large Golden Reclining Buddha, and other Statues

Wat Pangla, Songkhla (60)
Fine Modern Murals on the Life of the Buddha

Wat Yang Thong, Sadao (28)
Modern sima, its decorations and murals.

Wat Plukkhla (62)
Newly Built-up Temple

Chinese Temples

Treasure of the Three Kingdoms, Chinese Collection (136)
Large Collection of Buddhist Artifacts

Dragon Elephant (Rup Chang) Temple (198)
Mixed Chinese-Thai Temple

84 Guan Yin Statues (112)
from the Dragon Elephant Temple (see above)

Hatyai Buddhist Theme Park (16)
Chinese-style Theme Park overlooking City

Magnificent Dharma Temple (24)
Cross-over Meditation Temple

Wat Thawon Warawon, Hatyai (41)
Chinese Temple in Central Hatyai

Wat Chue Chang, Hatyai (45)
Decorative Chinese Temple in Central Hatyai

Buddha of the Western Lands (40)
Chinese Sanchou Temple

Great Wisdom (Mahapanna) Temple (26)
Vietnamese Mahayana Temple


(North-East Thailand)

Prasat Phanom Rung (52)
Old Khmer Hindu Temple

Prasat Phimai (62)
Old Khmer Buddhist Temple

National Museum, Phimai (47)
Artifacts from all over Lower Isaan

Wat Phra That Phasorn Kaew (67)
Visionary Modern Temple

Wat Dhammayan (42)
Modern Temple with Many Unusual Features


Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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