84 Guan Yin Statues, Wat Tham Khao Rup Chang, Songkhla, Thailand

high-definition creative commons photographs from Wat Tham Khao Rup Chang, Songkhla, Thailand, showing the life-size Guan Yin statues that surround the main 1,000 Buddha Temple.

The 84 Guan Yin Statues are another main attraction of the Wat Tham Khao Rup Chang in Padang Besar, Songkhla. They illustrate the various examplary forms the Goddess of Mercy, Guan Yin, took to save living beings in need.

They are made in life-size statues that are situated around the main 1,000 Buddha Temple. According to the Head Monk, Phra Ajahn Kwol An, who is widely travelled this is the only place he has seen where the forms are represented in life size statues.

All the names are given below in traditional Chinese and also in Pinyin transliteration, so the images can be used for recitation purposes also. To remove the detailed photographs are keep the main ones toggle detailed photographs by

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Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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