Sinhapura Vipassana Meditation Centre

high-definition creative commons photographs from the Sinhapura Vipassana Meditation Centre, showing the grounds, the reliefs and statues, together with some further information.

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The Sinhapura Vipassana Meditation Centre was founded by Ven. Samvuta, a leading disciple of the founder of the Mahasi Meditation method in Sri Lanka, Ven Sumathipala Nahimi, who is now judge of the Svejin Nikaya sect. He founded the center in 1980 in a remote village around 15 knm north of the ancient capital of Polonnaruwa.

It is positioned along the one of the main canals coming from the Polonnaruwa Parakrama Samudra, a giant resovoir built in the 12th century to irrigate the lands around the then capital city. It serves till this day and the area in which the centre stands is rich agricultural land.

Ven Samvutta is himself an accomplished sculptor who has built up a monastic grove with many reliefs and scultures, most of which are copies of famous works from the Buddhist world, especially, of course in Sri Lanka. The centre now functions as both a meditation centre and as a local temple for the nearby villagers.

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Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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