Wat Maisuwankiri (Dragon Boat Temple)

high-definition creative commons photographs from Tumpat in Kelantan, Malaysia, showing the architecture and decorations on this Thai tradition temple, together with a map and further information.


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Wat Maisuwankiri

Wat Maisuwankiri is located in Kampung Bukit Tanah in Tumpat. The original temple is said to have been constructed 400 years ago by expert craftsmen from Thailand. The present day structure has been built up over the past 50 or more years.

There are two main buildings that are of great interest: the dragon boat temple, which gives it its popular name; and the magnificent Main Shrine Hall, which is 3 stories high and contains many fine artworks.


We were very fortunate to meet one of the monks at the temple, Khun Kris, who was born into a Mormon family in Penang, but converted and has been with Wat Maisuwankiri for around 15 years. He was able to tell us a lot about the history and point out many things we might otherwise have missed.


Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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