Kalibukbuk Temple, Bulelung, North Bali

high-definition creative commons photographs from the reconstructed Kalibukbuk Temple in Bulelung, North Bali, together with further information.


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The Kalibukbuk Temple was only recovered in recent times when excavations were carried out from 1994-2000, all that remained standing was the foundation. It is believed to have been originally constrcuted sometime from the 8th century onwards. The buildings have been recently reconstructed by archeologists working at the site. The main building is an open temple with a large stūpa overhead. There are two other smaller buildings (perwara) on either side of the main building which are rectangular is shape. There is a split gateway (candi bentar) with the usual barrier (aling-aling). The whole is set in well-maintained, quiet and peaceful gardens. Also discovered on site were clay seals bearing the usual incscription, transliterated as: Ye dharma heru prabha | We hetun tesan tathagato | Hyawodat test ceyo ni | Rodha ewam wadi maha srammanah. The seal in now in the Bali Museum in Denpasar.

001 Signboard

01 Signboard

002 Entrance to the Site

02 Entrance to the Site

003 Split Gateway to the Stūpa

03 Split Gateway to the Stūpa

004 Stūpa with Coconut Tree

04 Stūpa with Coconut Tree

005 Stūpa with Chatra

05 Stūpa with Chatra

006 Stūpa in Natural Setting

06 Stūpa in Natural Setting

007 Main Stūpa from Behind

07 Main Stūpa from Behind

008 Main Stūpa Entrance

08 Main Stūpa Entrance

009 Main Stūpa from Front

09 Main Stūpa from Front

010 Main Offerings Table

10 Main Offerings Table

011 Main Buddha Image

11 Main Buddha Image

012 Brick Roof from the Inside

12 Brick Roof from the Inside

013 Side Stūpa

13 Side Stūpa

014 Side Stūpa with Banner

14 Side Stūpa with Banner

015 Side Stūpa and Umbrella

15 Side Stūpa and Umbrella

016 Umbrella

16 Umbrella

017 Split Gateway from Inside

17 Split Gateway from Inside

018 Buddha Image on the Lawn

18 Buddha Image on the Lawn


Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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