Dr. Rolf Heinrich Koch:
Murals and Statues in Sri Lankan Temples

A selection of photographs of murals and statues from some of the temples in Sri Lanka.


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Introduction by Dr. Koch

Dr. Rolf Heinrich Koch
Dr. Rolf Heinrich Koch

In Sri Lanka there are innumerable monasteries from the last three centuries with wonderful paintings and sculptures adorning them. In the 19th century the paintings were placed in sequences along the registers, in the so-called Kandyan style.

In the 20th century the artist had depicted the Buddhist stories in individual pictures. This painting style shows the strong influences of Western fashion and Parsee theatres from Bombay, which were very popular those days.

All the different art styles cover subjects that are transmitted in Pali and Sinhalese literature. The small art collection presented here illustrates scenes from the life of Buddha Gautama, Jatakas etc. at several monasteries mainly from the southern districts of Sri Lanka.

If you like to see more murals from Sri Lanka, please visit my web page: http://www.rolfheinrichkoch.wordpress.com

Photographs by Dr. Rolf Heinrich Koch

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